- The Fastest Way To Clean An Apartment In Marietta GA
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The Fastest Way To Clean An Apartment In Marietta GA

Let’s face it – cleaning isn’t a lot of fun. The less time you have to spend cleaning your apartment, the more time you will have to do other things that are more enjoyable. If you have an apartment in Marietta GA try using the cleaning tips below to speed up the cleaning process:


Start by walking through your apartment
with a garbage bag, picking up trash as you go. Work your way
through the entire space, making sure not to miss any rooms along the way.

Next, take a large basket and walk through the apartment again, putting anything in the basket that needs to be put away. This includes miscellaneous items such as junk mail, car keys, pens and pencils, dishes, and dirty clothing.


Once you have all of the items gathered together, sort them into piles based on the rooms where they belong. For instance, dishes would go in a pile for the kitchen whereas dirty laundry would go in a pile for the laundry room.


The fastest way to clean an apartment in Marietta GA is by breaking the work down into specific tasks. By focusing on your entire apartment rather than a single room with each task, you can get the work done more quickly.

Bathroom And Kitchen
Bathroom And Kitchen

Clean the bathroom and the kitchen at the same time. Start in the kitchen, wiping down all of the countertops, the sink, and any other hard surfaces.

Cleaning Products
Cleaning Products

Then, take the same sponge and cleaning products to the bathroom and clean the hard surfaces in there. When you are done, clean the floors in both rooms.

At this point

All of the garbage and misplaced items should be taken care of, freeing you up to focus on cleaning.

Dust your whole apartment

Using a dust rag, make your way through your apartment, dusting off any knickknacks or surfaces where dust has accumulated. At this point, you can simply allow any crumbs or dirt to fall to the floor since you will be able to clean.

Vacuum your entire apartment

The final step is to make your way through your apartment with your vacuum cleaner, starting at one end and working towards the other. When you are done vacuuming, you can kick back and enjoy your freshly cleaned apartment.