Four Marietta GA Restaurants That You Will Want To Visit On Vacation - The Fastest Way To Clean An Apartment In Marietta GA
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Four Marietta GA Restaurants That You Will Want To Visit On Vacation

Four Marietta GA Restaurants That You Will Want To Visit On Vacation

We are back in Marietta, Georgia virtually looking at some restaurants. You already know there are some great ones there. Let’s get straight to it with a place called Kiosco. Kiosco is located on Powder Springs Street, and it is a spot to get seafood paella, empanadas and all kinds of other ethnic dishes that will make your mouth water. When is the last time you were able to indulge in Latin American cuisine? The chicken quarters served up there look quite delicious in the picture.

Marietta Fish Market on Canton Road seems like a good place to eat some seafood in the city for sure. Same thing goes for this place. When is the last time you ate at a fish market or went to one to buy fresh fish? Are you also in the mood for some fresh hush puppies? I would be if I were you, and they can certainly go along with shrimp and all that other great seafood. If you aren’t a seafood fan, don’t worry. It isn’t my absolute favorite either, so let’s figure out what else is out there in Marietta.

Stockyard Burgers And Bones looks like a great spot, and it is on Mill Street NE. Not only do they serve up great burgers and ribs, but the menu highlights also mention bread pudding and hummus. After stopping there virtually, I would say it has my vote for the best restaurant to visit out of the bunch so far. Yet we still have two more restaurants to look at quickly.

The first one is Cuban Diner, and I am already wondering if I am going to change my mind and want to go there first. It is hard to beat burgers and ribs though, so that’s not going to happen. Eat all the Cuban sandwiches, flan, black beans and more at Cuban Diner, which is located on Roswell Road. Now we have one more restaurant to visit, and what is it going to be?

Let’s make it a place called Mountain Biscuits, which is found on Old 41 Highway NW. How would you like a nice big slice of salty country ham? Not only does that sound good, but there are also chicken biscuits and cinnamon rolls. Okay, if I was with family, we would eat here first for breakfast and burgers and ribs for lunch or dinner. That sounds like a plan.